My name is Amanda Hershey Herrman and I am a family photographer serving Memphis, Tennessee. I love capturing those “Ahh…” moments that make your family yours. It’s all about those candid moments that bring life to a photo.

…because every picture tells a story…

Now, A Little About Me...

I am first and foremost a blessed wife & mother - my family comes first and is most important to me. I am also blessed to say that I work in Pharmacy by day for 18 years now, and have had a passion for Design and Photography my whole life. I’ve always had an eye for Art.

I have loved Design & Photography (Art) for as long as I can remember. As a child, I remember decorating and redesigning from room to room and being obsessed with photos - snapping a million shots and posting them all over the walls.

Photography isn’t just about taking pictures though, its an art. Its about telling a story and I enjoy capturing every moment of that story for people.